Stealth LB (can be configured with lights/lasers)

Stealth LB

The HolsterCo "Stealth" Model is an Inside The Waistband concealed carry holster designed for comfort and concealability!

This model features adjustable retention, ride height, cant and belt loop size if you choose the STRUT AND SOFT LOOP attachment method. The  FOMI Clip offers vertical and 15 degree cant adjustment and limited ride height adjustment only. choosing DUAL SOFT LOOPS gives you similar adjustability to the fomi clip.

The "Stealth" model is also ambidextrous in moments by simply moving the strut and soft loop assembly to the opposite side of the holster (with dual sweat guard chosen). Comfortably carry in ANY position with the "Stealth"!


NOW AVAILABLE! The RCS CLAW for ultimate concealment!

(Adjustable retention may not apply in many cases)