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Olight S1 Mini Baton Rechargeable HCRI

S1 Mini

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The S1 MINI HCRI flashlight is developed from the award-winning bestseller S1 Baton.

We made the S1 smaller, brighter, and more functional because that’s what we do.

  • HCRI model color temperature:  5500K, 90 CRI, 450 LUMENS

We used a new machining technique to give the body a braided metal look offering maximum grip and extreme comfort when holding for an extensive amount of time.

We brought back our signature magnetic tailcap for hands free use when it is connected to any ferrous metal as well as a red low battery indicator and lockout mode built into the side switch.

The S1 MINI also comes with an RCR123A battery that charges directly with it’s built in micro-usb port so there is no external charger necessary when you are on the go.

At less than 1 ounce in weight (excluding battery), the 2.13 inch S1 Mini is the ultimate rechargeable flashlight to carry with you anywhere you go. 

650mAh RCR123A Rechargeble Battery with microUSB charging port

Package contains: S1 Mini HCRI (90 CRI, 450 LUMENS), RCR123A 650mAh with micro-USB charging port , 50cm charging cable USB-microUSB, Pocket clip, Lanyard, Instruction Manual,