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Quick-Ship Stealth
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QUICK-SHIP IWB/AIWB. These items will be built and shipped within 72 hours of ordering.

(Not Including Saturday and Sunday)


NON Light/Laser-Bearing, but with ANY attachment we offer and in several colors, patterns and prints!


We recommend checking with us first to make sure we have your color, pattern or print in stock and ready for production.





The HolsterCo Stealth is an inside the waistband holster designed for a comfortable, secure carry experience in any position. With several different attachment options available, you can configure the Stealth to suit your own personal requirements.

The best part? The Stealth has a 72 hour turnaround time! Among the shortest lead times in the industry!

Carry with confidence, and in comfort, with the HolsterCo Stealth!







*some restrictions apply